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It’s a journey of a two classmate friends Manisha and Santosh…who knew each other from their school days….came into contact through a social media after almost 25 years. They both have different lifestyle living in a different cities. Manisha is homemaker taking a responsibility of her family and Santosh is a journalist doing various writing works. They both have one thing in common, that is consiousness towards nature and society. As she is into lot of reading …he used to visit various natural places and meet the people doing various agricultural experiments. They were discussing many things like universe.. earth…Nature …farming…today’s lifestyle and offcourse this corona pendamic.

This corona pendamic has made us to rethink about our life and the lifestyle we are living. They both agree to the fact of the advice of a medical experts to boost our immune system through having healthy food, doing exercise and yoga and taking a enough sleep. Getting enough sleep and regular exercise is something that everyone can afford but the question is about healthy diet. No one can guarantee that the vegetables and groceries you get in the market today are completely healthy and chemical free. So they both have decided to work together to give a sustainable lifestyle to people.

Manisha Dave
Santosh Khamgaonkar

They joined hands with farmers and organisations who believe in chemical free farming to bring about the shift in mindsets of the society. They set up a ‘Green Pitaara’ to provide natural, chemical free and trust bases organic groceries to people. The ‘ Green Pitaara’ is not only just a shop but it’s a movement of holistic approach that respect and harnesses the power of natural process to build positive heath accross the ecology of the farm as well as give a sustainable lifestyle to mankind. We are here demanding the poison and chemical free food….the soil to do it’s own thing and be able to retain its super power…the clean air…the clean water and the better world for our children.

This ‘ Green Pitaara’ is a dream of these two close friends to take a steps towards the harmony with Nature by following the green path for sustainable living and social consciousness and creating a sense of purpose which is larger, Greener and more sustainable.


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